About Jane Peacock {me}

About Jane Peacock {me}

I find writing about myself quite cumbersome and anxiety inducing. Even as I type these words, I start to feel my pulse raising.

We are all familiar with the monster that is imposter syndrome. So let's get something out the way right now. I am not an expert as I see my journey as ongoing and the word export has never sat right with me. It implies I have arrived at some arbitrary state called 'expert'. I have not. A final destination feels a lot like death to me whereas 'curious learner' feels joyful and alive. It also puts us all on an equal playing field as we learn and grow together.

A few interesting things about me {I hope}

  1. I loved hip-hop music and had a dance troupe in High School.
  2. My first degree after YR 12 was in visual arts as I thought I would have a career as a professional artist.
  3. I speak Korean & lived in Seoul for 4 years.
  4. I have 3 sons and a blended family with an Awesome man as my co-pilot.
  5. I am genuinely obsessed with human emotions and behaviour as I have spent most of my life trying to understand people. That obsession has given me an uncanny ability to 'feel' the room.

My purpose is felt in every cell of my body.

I believe when you truly love your customers, you will change the way you do business forever.

My values

  1. Curiosity to seek out deeper understanding.
  2. Courage to ask the questions.
  3. Creativity to look at problems from new angles.
  4. Commerce as a value amplifier.

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