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#0017: The Power of Community in Growth: Spotlight on Trinny London

#0017: The Power of Community in Growth: Spotlight on Trinny London

Hello dear readers, In today's edition, we explore the incredible power of community as a growth strategy. The digital age has heralded a shift from broad advertising strokes to nurturing dedicated communities. But what does this mean for businesses, and how can they tap into this potential? We shine the spotlight on a great example: Trinny Woodall's brainchild, Trinny London.

🔓 Unlocking Unstoppable Growth: The Untapped Power of Community 🚀🌍

In our latest newsletter, we delve into the transformative power of community-driven growth, spotlighting the meteoric rise of Trinny London, helmed by Trinny Woodall. Through this case study, we aim to showcase how brands can harness digital communities to fuel engagement, loyalty, and impressive commercial returns, all while forging genuine connections with their audiences.

Here's What You'll Discover:

  1. The unparalleled value of free message distribution on social media.
  2. The evolution of marketing from mass media to community.
  3. A comprehensive look into Trinny London's community-driven growth, including:
  • The brand's impressive statistics and market reach.
  • Trinny's effective engagement and growth strategies.
  • The emphasis on understanding and connecting with customers.

4. The significance of "1,000 true fans" for emerging brands.

"Build your audience before you need them." - Tim Ferriss

This sentiment resonates strongly: invest time in good marketing. Cultivate a community now, envisioning potential product launches, service offerings, or community creations in the future. An engaged community signifies a trove of potential customers.

Your community is an audience of engaged future customers.

The Community Landscape

Businesses often grapple with the tangible value of social media and community-building. This post by Gary Vaynerchuk communicates the value so simply.

"The distribution of your message on social media is FREE. In the history of marketing, this is unprecedented. The post office 📫 didn't deliver your coupons for free, billboards 🪧 weren't put up without charge, TV networks 📺 didn't air your commercials without cost, and newspapers 📰 didn't print your ads for free. Social media provides unparalleled opportunities to reach people... for FREE."

For those skeptical about the importance of community-building, consider this: Today's fastest-growing brands harness digital communities for engagement and loyalty. McKinsey & Company notes that by adeptly employing agile test-and-learn approaches, these brands achieve impressive returns with minimal risks.

"Today's fastest-growing brands leverage digital communities to garner engagement and loyalty. They achieve impressive returns at a minimal risk by adeptly employing an agile test-and-learn approach."

The importance of alignment.

The Magic of Alignment in Marketing: A Fantasy Becomes Reality

Imagine a world where the perfect alignment exists. A realm where there's no friction between marketing and growth, where innovation thrives uninhibited. For many, this might seem like a distant fantasy. But in truth, when you back your arguments with data and case studies, it becomes very real.

Consider Trinny London as a beacon of this alignment.

🟢 Social Media’s Value? No debate there. Trinny acknowledges its power both as a community builder and as a commercial engine. Why? Because Trinny doesn't just believe in it – she is the CEO, guiding its implementation. And it is all about customer focus! Who is your future customer? #customerfocus

🟢 The Role of Content Creation? There's no dismissing it as merely the "colouring in department." Under Trinny's helm, it transforms into a dynamic engine, spinning out compelling, community-driven stories. Because, once again, she is the CEO. And content generation is focused on the chapters of the authentic #brandstory that matter to her audience.

🟢 Revenue Goals vs. Community Growth? While many businesses harp on numerical targets, Trinny’s vision is clear: grow the community from 1 million to 15 million women within the next 10 years. A community-centric approach that, in the end, amplifies commercial outcomes. An actively engaged community is a future customer that is one step away from making a purchase.

You can take one step to understanding your authentic brand story by mapping out the chapters to your story. You will find a worksheet at the Tech Wisdom Circle - refer to the Unlock & Amplify worksheet. Consider each as a chapter in your story. A pillar you can share on social media. Share it with commitment to 3 months and see which chapter resonates most with your audience? Is it your values? Or perhaps its your purpose? Is it your product story or #BTS (behind the scenes)? Or is it the value you give away in terms of small micro coaching moments that take your audience one small step towards a solution?

2. Trinny London: A Case in Point

Trinny Woodall and her brand, Trinny London, stand as a testament to the might of community-driven growth. Launched in 2017, the brand is now valued at an astonishing $300 million, boasting a community of nearly 5 million potential customers.

To put that in a slightly more tangible measure. The brand has experienced 100% growth each year. With the market for Trinny being the UK (50%), AUS (23%) and US (10%) markets with more markets to follow. And each market activated after a really successfylly community activation. Why is that clever? Build a community AND THEN launching a product means your market already exists!

Case in point, the new skincare range was launched only last year and is now 38% of the entire business. Considering the business made $50M last year, that is a hugely successful launch. All on the back of a highly engaged community that is loved and loves the brand!

To listen in to the full story, check out my favourite podcast Diary of a CEO and her latest book, FEAR LESS!

Let's break it all down!
With an engagement rate of 0.35%, this translates to 15,000 weekly interactions!

Dive into the numbers:

  • Global market of women aged 35 and over: 1.38 billion
  • Total addressable market of women aged 35+ in the UK, AUS, and US: 96 million
  • Number of women in her community: 5 million+
  • Total customers: 1 million

Understanding your  numbers is a poweful way to focus your marketing and storytelling efforts.

Work out your numbers. Start with the total number of customers you need {lets use Tim Ferris's 1000 true fans as a starting point} then map that to how many customers you have in your community. {let's say you have a target of 5000}. Then map them to your total addressible market {say it comes to 1 million women who are seeking exactly what you do}. Then you can look at your larger market to see how you can focus your activities to place your self in front of those women. {let's say there are 5 million female entrpenears in Austalia.} Numbers give you a focus and a goal!

Once you have your customer focus, it takes aligned, consistent and value focused effort. By aligning her content delivery system with her brand and personal narratives, Trinny offers:

📖 Weekly workouts
📖 Weekly twinning sessions
📖 Weekly closet confessions
📖 Weekly behind the scenes
📖 Weekly outfit of the day
📖 Monthly makeovers at Zara

Her strategies are clear:
✅Community focus #communitystrategy
✅Unique products #productstrategy
✅Authentic brand story #storytellingstrategy
✅Active community engagement #engagementstrategy
✅Efficient transactions #CROstrategy

This alignment isn't just about content; it's about genuine connections. Trinny's vision goes beyond revenue. She aims to grow her community from 1 million to 15 million women in the next decade. An audacious goal, but given her track record, it's entirely within reach.

The Takeaway: Your Community, Your Growth

As we dissect Trinny's success, it becomes evident that the foundation lies in understanding your customer. It's about valuing their challenges, passions, and what they hold dear. The mantra is simple: Transform a regular customer into a dedicated fan.

So, where do you begin? Start small. Aim for 1,000 true fans. This concept, discussed in "1000 True Fans," emphasises the importance of a dedicated base. These fans become your strongest advocates.

Brands like Trinny London underscore the magic of alignment in marketing. When community-building dovetails with commercial goals, the results can be transformative. Trinny’s success isn't an isolated event; it’s a testament to the commercial influence of community building.

So, as you ponder your brand's journey, ask yourself: What's your community goal? How can you foster genuine connections?

Until next time, keep building, keep growing, and remember: Your community is your strength.

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