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TWC#3 Getting to know your brand identity in the world of AI.

TWC#3 Getting to know your brand identity in the world of AI.

Dear Tech Wisdom Circle Members,

Greetings from the ever-evolving world of technology and curiosity-fueled learning! 🚀 Our recent Tech Wisdom Circle session was a thrilling journey into the realms of technology, branding, and personal growth—complete with its very own venn diagram! 😄

Reflecting on Our Recent Session

Nicole Haltherly shared a valuable insight: we are all on a unique journey when it comes to our brand and technology - “Comparison is the thief of joy". Calibrate your digital journey using Nik's digital brand persona and select one of the 7 shared learnings to help you take further on your journey. Share your progress (and questions) with the community so we can celebrate together.

In our session, we explored professional brand development, digital business, and intentional growth through the lens of AI. We pondered a crucial question: Who do I want to be in a world where AI challenges the way we view our value and the role we are seeking to play?

The phrase that resonated throughout our session was, "You can't read the label when you are sitting inside the jar." This metaphor reminds us of the importance of seeking external perspectives and feedback from trusted circles. (Inspired by the wise Megan Winter —follow her for juicy marketing insights!)

Our Juicy TWC Menu 🫙

  • 💪 Building strong foundations for a brand in the digital age
  • 🌐 Your digital brand identity in the digital age
  • 📝 Tips and strategies

Members can listen to the full presentation [here] (a password will be shared in the community later today; it's about 60 minutes long). For the TL;DR version, jump to the "Quick Dive into Digital Dynamite" for a few key insights to take away.

Stay in the Loop!

Get ready for a transformative experience in our next Tech Wisdom Circle on January 12th, featuring the incredible Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos! While Lydia is undoubtedly an expert in all things AI, this time we'll be delving into something even more fascinating—the pivotal role of humans, with a particular focus on the power of imagination. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the intersection of technology and human creativity with a true visionary! 🚀🧠✨

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Quick dive into digital dynamite for a few insights

Learning #1 - be intentional: To thrive in the digital age, it's essential to be intentional about how you embrace technology in your professional journey. This begins with having a clear vision that aligns with your long-term goals.

Action: Take a moment to define your vision. Consider how it resonates with your audience and its ability to withstand the test of time. Ask yourself: "What is the vision I see when I imagine myself doing what I love?" Use this vision as a guiding light for making deliberate and thoughtful choices when incorporating new technology into your work or business.

Learning #2 - gain Perspective: Understanding your own value can be challenging, and gaining external perspectives is crucial for personal and professional growth.

Action: Take proactive steps to gain perspective. Utilize tools like 360-degree feedback to collect input from colleagues, ask your trusted circle (including clients) for three words that describe you, and seek feedback from your customers. This valuable feedback will help you refine your narrative and understand what your customers find most valuable—essential for developing digital products, tools, and assets that resonate with them.

Learning #3 - Analog Foundations: A significant portion of business success happens in the analog world, and it's essential to establish a strong foundation before venturing into digital realms.

Action: Begin by clarifying your "why" and purpose. Take time to reflect on your motivations and intentions before diving into digital channels. Additionally, use self-reflection tools such as recording your thoughts during a 30-minute walk. Ask yourself the questions, "Why me, why this, and why now?" This exercise will help you assess your energy, language, and communication style, enabling you to eliminate self-deprecating or limiting language and refine your digital presence with a stronger analog foundation.

Learning #4 - Emotion-Driven Branding: Emotion-driven branding is a key component of your brand's success, as it is based on the emotions people experience when they interact with you.

Understand your customer and the emotional shift they are seeking. Build a series of statements like; I guide my clients from; 🔴 confusion to 🟢 clarity. From 🔴 apathy to 🟢 motivation. From 🔴 pessimism to 🟢 optimism. From 🔴 despair to 🟢 joy. From 🔴 overwhelm to 🟢 curiosity. You can learn more about empathy mapping and the tools you can use here.

Learning #4 - Consistency Is Key: Consistency plays a vital role in branding and business success, as it helps build trust and credibility over time. Google's research indicates that it takes a specific duration and multiple touchpoints for someone to transition from not knowing you to trusting you enough to make a purchase.

Action: Implement consistency in your branding and business approach while allowing room for testing and learning. Recognize that it typically takes 7 hours, 11 touchpoints, and 4 locations for potential customers to build trust. Ensure every interaction is consistent with your brand. Share your vision with others to reinforce trust and credibility. Additionally, define your brand promise—a guarantee to your future customers. This exercise will help solidify your brand's identity and maintain a consistent message across all touchpoints.

Learning # 5 - Customer-Centric Perfection: Prioritising the customer's perspective of perfection is key to achieving success. Engaging with your customers early and adapting your ideas based on their feedback is crucial.

Get clear on the person whose problem you are here to solve. Ask yourself the question Who is the person you are helping when you are delivering value, providing a service or building a community? Remember there are 5.6 billion humans connected to digital devices so it is important to get really focused so that your customer recognises their problem in your solution.

Learning # 6 - Explore New Technologies: Don't be afraid to experiment with emerging technologies like GPTs to enhance your business or creative processes. If you are are human-first like me, have a listen to our previous session with Nik where her fabulous AI sandwich converted me to a new approach that has enabled me to focus on the human parts of each interaction.

Engaging with technology is a great way to demonstrate that a growth mindset is part of your professional brand. Thanks Jo!

Learning # 7 - Digital Brand Persona: Define your digital brand persona to align with your overall brand identity and values. Embrace Diverse Learning Styles: Acknowledge that everyone has a unique learning style, and comparing yourself to others can diminish your joy and progress. I have over 2 decades under my belt working in digital and still see myself as a learner with each new wave of change. That is a phenomenal opportunity for us to learn together. I approach everything with curiosity as I engage in the conversation to help me understand. I then look at ways to play and build with each new wave. Give it a go. Get curious.

You can have a read of Nicoles digital brand persona here and see which persona you fit with for a few quick tips on how to engage with digital and technology.

Seek Help When Needed

Recognize when certain tasks or skills are not your strengths, and be open to seeking help or investing in expertise. This approach will save you time and lead to quicker clarity.

At Partners in Digital, we have a saying: 🕒 Building skills takes time ⏳, but investing in expertise can save you time and money ⌛💰.

Be clear about the skills you aim to develop, and understand that it may require an investment of time.

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It's radical generosity in practice.

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The Tech Wisdom Circle is for women working in leadership, consulting & coaching who work in areas related to human-led technology! The only pre-requisite is an open heart and mind and a willingness to share learnings and build capabilities together. 💪

Thank you for being part of our Tech Wisdom Circle journey. Together, we will continue to engage with technology to ensure we build tech that serves people and solves real problems.

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Thanks for giving me your time and have a lovely week! 🤩

💚💚 And remember, when you care for your customers, you will change the way you do business forever. 💚💚