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TWC#4 The role of imagination in the realm of AI

TWC#4 The role of imagination in the realm of AI

Dear Tech Wisdom Circle Members,

Greetings from the ever-evolving world of technology and curiosity-fuelled learning! πŸš€ Our recent Tech Wisdom Circle session was a journey into the realms of human beings, imagination, and AI. We explored the fascinating interplay between these elements and how unleashing your imagination can amplify the power of artificial intelligence.

Our session framework was simple yet profound:

  • What is AI?
  • What is imagination?
  • The role of imagination (and other human skills) in AI
  • How can unleashing your imagination amplify the power of artificial intelligence?

This newsletter delves into the art of balancing human skills with AI's capabilities. You'll discover a framework for imaginatively engaging with AI tools, from curiosity to hands-on building. Get ready to be inspired by use cases for generative AI in writing and art, and learn how to cultivate an exponential mindset to envision audacious human+AI collaborations of the future. Don't just consume AI - imaginatively wield it for novel possibilities!

Members can listen to the full presentation [here] (a password will be shared in the community later today; it's about 60 minutes long). For the TL;DR version, jump to the "Quick Dive into Digital Dynamite" for a few key insights to take away.

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Quick Dive into Digital Dynamite

Learning #1 - what is AI?

At its core, AI is applied math, statistics, and algorithms that process data and generate outputs. While advanced AI like GPT can seem highly intelligent, it is still operating based on statistical modeling, not sentient consciousness. Rather than diminishing AI, embrace how its pattern-recognition and computation abilities can be fused with human skills like imagination to unlock a new era of human-machine co-evolution and complementarity.

"AI is math and statistics in code."

Lydia brought a fascinating perspective on how quintessentially human traits like curiosity, vision and cognitive flexibility must be fused with AI's focused abilities to unlock its full potential.

Action: Find people who balance optimism and expertise that match the stage you are at in your learning journey. This is a great video by Scott Galloway who breaks down the question 'what is AI?' if you are curious to learn from another angle and perspective. There are more links and free courses here.

Learning #2 - finding balance

As we embrace AI's potential, be wary of pitfalls like an obsession with efficiency over human factors or the rise of what Lydia described as "techno-feudalism". Use AI to augment your creative capacities in domains like writing and art generation, and intelligently automate mundane tasks to free up space for deeper cognitive work.

Here are some examples:

  • Creating poems, stories, or song lyrics through AI writing assistants. You can play with tools like claude.ai or CHATGPT and ask them for example to create a HAIKU for women in the modern world. See what happens. πŸ˜†
    In cities of dreams,
    She shapes the future with light,
    Strength in every step.
  • Generating unique graphic designs or artworks via image AI. You can ask them to create a visual of women sitting inside a jar contemplating her unique value. I used this to accompany a recent Tech Wisdom Circle.

Seek out great case study where AI has been used to increase human & business value like IKEA. Billie, the AI bot, effectively managed 47% of customer inquiries freeing up customer service reps to become interior design consultants (with training to do so of course).

As a strategist, I'm discovering how AI can be a powerful collaborative partner in my work. By carefully evaluating each task and asking, "Is this step truly valuable to my client?" I can identify areas where AI can offer meaningful support. This allows me to focus my energy on delivering the greatest impact for my clients.

I've been experimenting with various AI tools, and currently, I favour Claude.ai PRO for its advanced capabilities and high-quality results (but I am also experimenting with CHATGPT). By thoughtfully integrating AI into my process, I'm able to provide my clients with enhanced insights & creativity in balance with efficiency in several key areas:

  1. Generating alternative positioning lines: AI helps me brainstorm unique angles and fresh perspectives, which I can then refine and build upon to create the most compelling positioning for my clients.
  2. Analysing competitor strategies: By leveraging AI to process large amounts of data, I can quickly gain valuable insights into market trends, competitor strategies, and potential opportunities or threats. This enables me to develop strategies that truly set my clients apart.
  3. Optimising content creation: While crafting engaging content is a core part of my role, AI can assist with research, fact-checking, and editing. This streamlines my process and ensures my writing is of the highest quality.
  4. Challenging my own ideas: I find great value in using AI to explore different viewpoints and challenge my initial drafts. This helps me consider angles I may have overlooked and ultimately deliver more well-rounded, effective strategies.

It's crucial to understand that AI is not a replacement for my expertise as a strategist, but rather an "and" that enhances my capabilities. By collaborating with AI, I can work smarter, generate fresh ideas, and deliver greater value to my clients.

I like to think of it as an "AI sandwich" a concept beautifully described by Nicole Hatherly . The human element is the breadβ€”the thoughtful prompt creation and the refinement of the AI-generated outputβ€”while the AI itself is the meat. This approach ensures a perfect blend of human expertise and AI capabilities, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

Action: Make a list of areas in your life/work where you may be overly focused on productivity at the expense of creativity, empathy or other human factors. Identify 1-2 ways you could use AI tools to automate mundane tasks and reclaim that time/energy for more meaningful efforts.

Learning #3 - the role of curiosity and the power of a pause

Unleash your imagination with AI using this learning framework:

  1. Curiosity: Spark interest in a new technology.
  2. Engagement: Actively seek in-depth information.
  3. Understanding: Develop a deeper grasp of the technology's workings.
  4. Playing: Experiment and get hands-on with the technology.
  5. Building: Integrate the technology into your work significantly.

At each stage, take "kit kat pause"πŸ˜† as just like humans, AI needs a moment to pause and reflect.

Action: Reflect on your current stage in the AI learning framework: curiosity, engagement, understanding, playing, or building. Intentionally progress through each stage, taking "kit kat pauses" to internalize learnings and ensure you fully grasp AI's potential before moving forward. Embrace the process with an open mind and adaptability as you harness AI's power in your growth journey. As you grow, so is AI.

Learning #4 - Evoking An Imaginative Mindset:

Cultivate an imaginative mindset to manifest the full potential of AI+Human collaboration. Envision audacious scenarios like flying autonomous taxis crisscrossing future cityscapes and how they could transform our world. Be intentional about evolving your self-identity and growth journey alongside accelerating technological change. Who do you imagine as your best future self in this era of human-AI coexistence?

Only by blending our uniquely human imagination and ingenuity with AI's scalable augmentation can we aim to solve our most profound challenges around climate change, demographic shifts, and more. Don't be constrained by linear thinking - open your mind to exponential possibilities.

Lydia introduced her model for imagination performance, which consists of five key elements:

  1. Abundance Mindset: Believe in ample opportunities and possibilities, focusing on what's possible rather than what's lacking.
  2. Continuous Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning: Embrace continuous learning, unlearning outdated ideas, and relearning to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world.
  3. Applied Novelty: Apply novel ideas and approaches to real-world challenges, creating value and driving innovation.
  4. Adaptability and Agility: Cultivate adaptability and agility to navigate uncertainty, pivot when necessary, and seize emerging opportunities.
  5. Creative Innovation for Relevance: Fuel creative innovation by continually bringing new value to the table, maintaining relevance in a rapidly evolving world.

By cultivating these elements of an imagination mindset, you'll be better equipped to navigate and thrive in a world transformed by AI.

Action: Set aside some time to envision your life in the future. Let your imagination run wild, unfettered by current constraints. Consider questions like: What groundbreaking projects or initiatives could you contribute to?How might your unique skills and perspectives complement AI's capabilities?What societal challenges could you tackle by leveraging AI as a tool?How could your day-to-day life and work be transformed by seamless human-AI interaction?

And a final recommendation from me - follow great people who blend expertise with what it means to be human.

Allie K Miller on Instagram and Linkedin - she also has the AI daily planner which is a blend of learning about AI with a diary. (I am currently enjoying my copy)

Prof. Marek Kowalkiewicz on Linkedin - he also has just released a great book called "Economy of Algorithms: AI and the Rise of the Digital Minions". (I am currently enjoying my copy)

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