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Welcome to the Tech Wisdom Circle

Welcome to the Tech Wisdom Circle

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As your facilitator, I'd like to introduce myself: Jane Peacock.

My Intention: This space is inclusive, generous, and welcoming. Although our discussions center on tech, there's no prerequisite knowledge required. While I and my co-facilitators will be sharing insights into technology, I value your wisdom on human skills, which are equally crucial to the topic of technology.

My Personal Purpose: merging technology with humanity to amplify our experiences. Both employee and customer experiences should reflect genuine care. Our guiding star is to ensure technology serves our human-centric purpose.

My Personal Mission: My aim is to cultivate environments that encourage shared wisdom and collaboration. This vision led to the inception of the Tech Wisdom Circle.

The format: During the monthly sessions, we will address one or two topics. The first half of the session will be dedicated to knowledge sharing on those topics. The second half will focus on shared wisdom. This is where circle members can share their own experiences or experiments related to tech. When you register for the next session, please remember to submit your question or topic, as I will use those submissions to guide the focus of the Tech Wisdom Circle. And of course, you can always choose to come along for connection and community.

💡Tech Wisdom Circle {TWC} #4: Friday 25th August💡

During this session, we delved into two key topics, though we could have explored them in even greater depth:

  1. Automation: making it easy for your customers to buy from you
  2. Digital downloads: packaging your magic in a way that is digitally digestible


To date, I've mentioned three frameworks in the Tech Wisdom Circles. You can download them from the website here. You can also register for up coming TWC sessions.

  1. The tech stack framework

Conduct an audit of your existing tech stack and evaluate its effectiveness in creating more room for what matters to you. Assess how it helps your customers make purchases effortlessly. Always remember the KISS principle. If you find your tech stack to be complex and overwhelming, it likely hints at how your customers feel during their buying journey. And don't be afraid to swap one piece of the puzzle out for a new piece of tech.

2. Unlock and amplify story framework

Do an audit of your current story. What parts of your story book of value are complete, clear and easily communicated? Consider adding one piece to your story that can help create more clarity and resonance. Remember that a single post is simply a paragraph in the story you are seeking to tell about your unique value. And consider which chapters are important to the customer you are seeking to serve buy building in some data listening to your content sharing. {need help with data listening, I run a masterclass on this, so just reach out and I can share the details}

3. Customer journey audit template

If you need help mapping your customer journey to find steps worth automating, you can follow a simple process called customer journey mapping. I did a quick loom to show you how to do it. Grab a few post-it notes in three different colours and then follow the process. It helps you to reveal the touch points in your current journey, where the friction is and also an initial test to automate a single step. See what happens and then continue the iterative process.

Once you have done the customer journey audit, consider these questions.
  1. What did you learn about your customer experience?
  2. What is getting in the way of purchase for your customer?
  3. What is one small change you can make to improve that experience?
  4. What tech (and automation) you need in order to make that change?
  5. When will you have that change done?
  6. How will you know it has been successful?

💥Shared wisdom💥

The two links that Ellen talked about were

A few more great tools we talked about

  • https://gumroad.com/ for digital products of any type where you would like to charge a fee for access.
  • https://www.loom.com/ for recording training related content where you would like to record your screen. (example Jesse shared was of Tania's site to take visitors on a tour of what the options are or perhaps share a video of what a virtual bra fitting might look like)

🔊Amplify voices🔊

If you would like to join the Amplify community, please message me at jane@partnersindigital.com.au. It's a community where members commit to sharing their story once per week via LinkedIn to help the entire community leverage the algorithm. This amplifies your story to potential customers who are eagerly searching for exactly what you offer. The rules of play are straightforward but non-negotiable. To share a link requires a commitment to comment on and amplify the stories of fellow members. It's radical generosity in practice.

🙏🏻My ask🙏🏻

If you know anyone who would like to join that fits within the basic rules of collaboration within the tech wisdom circle, please send them a link to register here.

The Tech Wisdom Circle is for women working in consulting & coaching who are seeking to monetise & amplify their unique value in 2023 based in Australia 🇦🇺 & New Zealand 🇳🇿! The only pre-requisite is an open heart and mind and a willingness to share learnings and build capabilities together. 💪

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Thanks for giving me your time and have a lovely week! 🤩

💚💚 And remember, when you care for your customers, you will change the way you do business forever. 💚💚