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CVB #004: Customer data is a team effort

CVB #004: Customer data is a team effort

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Let's get real for a moment. Customer data is not the problem as we have millions of rows of data that are free and at our finger tips.

The challenge are four fold.

  1. Data lacks focus. There are so many options that teams often find it hard to take the first step.
  2. The data sits within team Silos. Different teams own different pieces of the data pie.
  3. Data sits within different technology. There is a growing number of add ons that a team require in order to execute marketing efforts. Our sources have now hit 13 but other businesses will have many more.
  4. Lack of skills and the imposter monster. Data is not something we are taught as marketers and can feel un natural.

Let's tackle the solos first.

Different teams will own different pieces of the customer data puzzle.

Let's consider all the sources you have access to now and who the owners are. As you read the list, mark of the data that sits within your control. 'Within your control' refers to the data you have login access to.

  1. The customer service team own the 'boots on the ground' insights. This can come in the form of customer surveys or anecdotal insights.
  2. The sales team own the CRM & customer database.
  3. The marketing team own the email database and analytics.
  4. The marketing team own the social channels and analytics.
  5. The digital marketing agencies own the paid media channels (A note on this point - never let your agencies own your accounts. Set them up yourself and grant them access)
  6. The finance team own the ERP and customer sales data.
  7. The marketing team will own all websites and analytics.
  8. The IT team will own all tech related data available through web and mobile applications.
  9. The executive team will own any market research or brand insights reports.
The first step you need to take may be a challenging one. Reach out to the owners of the data. Set a meeting time to seek their feedback on the current state of customer data in the business. The goal of the meeting is to create a collaborative working group that brings together everyone that touches on customer data in the business. 

The next step will be to audit the customer journey. We will cover that off in a future edition.

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