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CVB #000: It's always good to start at the beginning. Right?

CVB #000: It's always good to start at the beginning. Right?

At least that's the way I like to start things. This is to share some context behind CVB and the reason it exists. It's also to share the rules of play. 😁

Who's the host?

That's me, Jane. 47 years old. I am the mum of 3 boys, so I learned the value of a fart joke early in my parenting life. I am the strategic advisor to a few amazing 8 figure businesses. I am also privileged to be on a few boards with great Aussie brands. I have a lifetime of working within the digital world across branding, marketing, customer and technology.

I am inspired by and interested in the ongoing impact of digital on our ability to engage with and connect to customers worldwide.

Why give stuff away when you get paid the big bucks for your advice?

Marketing is an undervalued function within a business. I value marketers, and I love clever marketing. I see the customer as the key to growth and the one area that most businesses (and marketing teams) get wrong. Take the wrong step from the beginning, and everything that happens after that step is likely to be incorrect.

Start with customer and marketing switching from a cost centre to a driver of growth and innovation.

That connects to my personal purpose.

I believe when you truly love your customers, you will change the way you do business forever.

Why the focus on marketing?

Because that is where we use the tools we have at our disposal to form a meaningful connection with our existing and future customers, and it is in that connection we find growth opportunities.

Here are a few things to know ahead of time.

🔶 I spell and write creatively so that you may see errors.

🔶 I write from the heart and sometimes warble. Skip to the tips if you want to skip the warble.

🔶 I believe that we are all on a learning journey, and the tips included in this newsletter are based on my journey. Shared so you can learn from them and then evolve them to suit your journey.

A few tips

✅ All of the emails are tagged with a topic to help navigate the stuff you need and what you don't. None of us has enough time so consider that your fast track to finding the things you need to know most about. Tags sit at the top of each post.

✅ There will always be a pro-tip at the bottom after learning some of the content. Skip past all the context if you want the tip.

✅ There is a paid newsletter adds a layer to the content by giving you access to checklists, templates and the like. It's $250 per year, and think about how many additional products you need to sell to make that worthwhile 💰

✅ There is a CVB online program is coming that will teach you the entire end to end process I take my clients through. The goal is to have it in bite-sized pieces and more to come on that soon.

My ask

✅ Send through feedback and questions—anything you find challenging related to 'brand', customer, marketing and technology. Ask!

✅ Start practising the whole 'getters give' philosophy; when you receive something you find helpful or valuable, practice giving back to the person, brand, or company that gave it to you. A thank you. A comment on social media. A share with a friend who might need the help. ❤️

Thank you

And thank you for joining the tribe of global customer value builders.