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CVB #001: What is the role of marketing?

CVB #001: What is the role of marketing?

Do you feel clear on the role marketing plays within the organisation you work for? This post will share the work we have done to start defining the role we need to play. It's the first step we can take towards clarity and alignment.

The definition we like to use is.

Marketing is a set of activities related to creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for others. In business, the function of marketing is to bring value to customers, whom the business seeks to identify, satisfy, and retain.

Let's expand that definition to give us 6 pillars that guide all activity. The goal of these pillars is to assist you in setting the core strategies for marketing around these pillars.

  1. Identify
  2. Grow
  3. Engage
  4. Connect
  5. Retain
  6. build

To identify your customer, conduct a data audit to understand the depth of data you currently have access to, who owns the data and where the gaps lie.

Paid members have access to a data audit checklist.

There is only one way to define your customer and that is to start getting comfortable with your customer data. Not only is it important but it is your gateway to gaining focus and building alignment throughout the business.

A few additional insights to help you on your journey.

  1. Start with the data you know about. Who is in charge of the data?
  2. Add in the data you do not know about. Who is the person you need to speak to in order to access that data?

And don't worry at this stage if you havent got full buy in to the process you are beginning.